A pipe is made of clay or wood and used for inhaling the smoke of burning leaves of pipe-weed. Proficiency with a pipe means you practice the art of smoking and likely have some skill at blowing smoke-rings. Smoking a pipe can aid in both introspection and friendly chatting with fellow practitioners of the art.

Pipe Smoking Supplies

  • COST: 5s

Pipe-weed or Leaf, as some adherents refer to it, comes mainly from the Shire and the lands surrounding the village of Bree. There are various types with slightly varied properties. Old Toby and Southern Star are well regarded, but most aficionados agree that Longbottom Leaf is the finest pipe-weed to be had.

Pouch of Pipe-Weed (3 uses)

  • COST: 3s

If you spend an hour smoking your pipe while considering a problem, you may make an ability check with your proficiency bonus against a Difficulty Class 15. On a success, you make the immediate follow-on check with advantage. On a failure, you wasted an hour, but had a good smoke.



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