Silver & Gold


The use of coin for exchange of goods has been rare in the Wilderland. For many years, barter has been the rule. With the re-emergence of Dale and Erebor, along with the rebuilt Lake-town, commerce has returned in earnest and new currency has begun to circulate once more, especially along the most used trade routes. The coins most often exchanged generally fall into three broad categories: gold pieces, silver pennies and copper coins.

Gold pieces are very valuable and relatively rare. The majority found in the North come from the Lonely Mountain. Indeed, older coins near invariably come from the Dragon’s treasure and many people have shown some propensity to hoard them and secret them away.

Silver pennies are the most common currency of the North, in use from the streets of Dale to the inns of the Shire.

Copper coins have the least worth. Many aren’t even properly struck coins, just bits of vaguely circular copper.

Exchange Rate

1 gold piece = 20 silver pennies = 240 copper coins
1 silver penny = 12 copper coins

Treasures Discovered


Silver & Gold

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