The town of Esgaroth lies on the Long Lake. Its predecessor was mostly destroyed by the dragon Smaug in his death throes. Esgaroth is a town of traders and thieves, of merchants and mercenaries. They are close allies of the Elves of Mirkwood, and kin to the Bardings. Ambitious and cunning, the Men of the Lake are always on the look-out for opportunity. As trade grows in Wilderland, Esgaroth is set to be the cross-roads and market-place of the north.

The folk of Esgaroth are a practical, suspicious folk. Let others be swayed by songs, by prophecies, or by dreams of glory – the Lake-folk know that chance and dragonfire can bring ruin to the loftiest of plans, and that there are few safe places in the Wild. Good times can turn bad quickly, so they are eager to take full advantage of the North’s brief season of hope and light before the darkness closes in again.

Many adventures begin in the quayside taverns and hiring halls of Lake-town; for that matter, many end in the alleyways of the town, or floating face down in the canals.




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