Wilderland Adventures

The Call to Adventure

The Proclamation of his Majesty, King Bard of Dale

Free Peoples of the North!

We have won our freedom from the oppression of the Dragon, have cleared from our lands the threat of the goblins from the far mountains, and have proved that together we are mightier than our foes.

I believe that our destiny is in our own hands, providing that we do not forget this lesson. Together we are strong. Before we came together, we were as frightened children, hiding in our homes from the shadows of the wider world. But now we have a chance of something better, and all it takes is our courage to grasp it.

And so, Free Peoples of the North, gather up your courage and bring it to me. I have plans for the North such as you will scarce believe, but I need your strength to turn plan to deed. In return for playing your part in our rebirth, I will pay well in gold, land and the satisfaction of knowing you lead your people from the shadows into a brighter future.

Make haste to Lake-town. On the first day of each month my advisors and I will appoint tasks to the willing, and disperse rewards to those who bring their tasks to completion. And they shall be celebrated, for they are the heroes of our age.


Maded Maded

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